Drobimex Sp. z o.o. of Szczecin is one
of the largest poultry companies in Poland.

Our Company

Safety of the production process

Quality and safety of the production process and the broad product offer have made us one of the biggest and the most recognized producers of poultry fresh and smoked meat in Poland. We run our business within the integrated production system, based on three main pillars: our own parental farms, our own hatchery in Goleniów, a slaughterhouse in Szczecin and a processing plant (smoked meat production) in Goleniów.

Quality guaranty

  • Our assortment includes 36 smoked meat types, certified by the Polish Association of People with Coeliac Disease and on Gluten-free Diet, marked with the symbol of the Crossed Out Ear of Wheat.


  • Our both processing plants meet all the EU sanitary and veterinary requirements and have been qualified as the highest A category. We hold the very stringent British certificate of BRC that combines the requirements set forth in standards ISO 9000, HACCP, GMP and GHP, and at the same time defining some detailed requirements in order to guarantee safety of the product processing and quality.


  • We also hold the German certificate of QS, or Qualität und Sicherheit – quality and confidence, defined as a system to guaranty the quality „from the field to the shop counter”. The purpose of the QS system is to implement the concept of safe food chain and prevent health risks. The QS system covers all the food production stages. It also concerns producers of fodder, animal breeders, slaughterhouses and meat processing plants, transport and trading companies. The stringent conditions regarding the standards of production, distribution and safety of processed products are met by our company in such aspects as fodder production plants, parental stocks, hatcheries, transport of live animals and slaughterhouses.


  • Additionally, we hold the Halal certificates for both our plants.

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Our contact data:

DROBIMEX Sp. z o.o

ul. Kniewska 6
70-846 Szczecin

tel.: +48 91 464 72 00
fax: +48 91 460 01 69
e-mail: drobimex@drobimex.pl



tel.: +48 91 46 47 243
tel.: +48 91 46 47 263
fax: +48 91 46 90 253
e-mail: export@drobimex.pl